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In this era of technology, everyone prefers to use advanced software and services. Software development companies launch software updates on a regular interval of times to provide the best services to the users. Same in the case of AOL Desktop Gold, this software allows users to perform different tasks simultaneously. Time to time AOL introduces AOL desktop gold update for the AOL software which allows users to enjoy hassle-free AOL service for a long period of time. AOL comes with an automatic feature of AOL desktop gold update, but if you are unable to update AOL software through automatic process, you can update it by following some simple steps.

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Why AOL desktop gold update is important?

With time, many new features and services are added to the software and that is capable to deliver a secure and user-friendly experience to the AOL users. To take advantage of those newly introduced features, you need to update your software. With  AOL  desktop gold upgrade, your AOL will not work in a smooth manner.

How to update AOL Desktop Gold?

Here are the steps to follow for AOL desktop gold upgrade :

  • Double click the downloaded file of AOL Desktop Gold.

  • A window prompt will ask you to import all your previous data.

  • You need to click on the import button to get the settings in new version of AOL Desktop Gold.

  • Once you are done with the import process, press Install Now button to install AOL Gold.

Note: You may require to share the credentials of your AOL account to for membership or identity confirmation.

    • Check for the shortcut icon on the screen of your desktop to confirm successful AOL desktop gold upgrade.

If the icon is not is not visible, the process further with the following steps:

  • When you tap the Upgrade button, the process starts converting the trial membership to the advanced plan.

  • You will become an advanced plan member of AOL Gold. Now, you can enjoy the new features and the other entertainment facilities.

  • The first time, when you will log in to AOL Desktop Gold account, you will see a pop-up preference box ( asking you to provide your account username for enabling AOL features.

Important – If you want then, you can change these preferences in the Marketing Preferences Center of the AOL account.

These steps will help you in hassle-free AOL desktop gold upgrade. In case you have an issue or doubt related to the upgrade process you can contact the expert for the help.

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